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Bouchard Baker, PC is well qualified to meet your business needs in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our experienced team handles matters including the following:

Business Law

Our business law practice focuses primarily on preventing and resolving disputes. To that end, we provide proactive counseling, handle dispute-related negotiations and represent clients in complex civil litigation and appeals in both state and federal courts.

For example, our attorneys pursue and defend business and commercial law claims involving contract disputes relating to sales and service contracts, real estate, personal property issues, corporate governance issues, commercial loans, and secured transactions.

We also try cases involving business fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, employee issues, trade secret disputes, unfair business practices, unfair competition, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, antitrust violations and bankruptcy law.

Our firm understands the legal issues surrounding business dissolution. Our clients include closely held businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), S-corporations, venture capital funds, trusts and closely-held corporations, as well as larger entities.

We help companies that are experiencing difficulties. We litigate and negotiate partnership and shareholder disputes and other business breakup issues. In cases of partnership or corporate dissolution, we assist in resolving outstanding issues and settling the affairs of the business. Because of our experience in this area, we can often minimize the emotional and financial damage that results from a “business divorce.”

Before breaking up or dissolving your business, it is important to develop a comprehensive exit strategy. Whether a partnership, corporation, or joint venture, you must know how to create a plan that shields you from continuing liability, yet resolves all ongoing business issues with minimal financial and emotional effects.

Bouchard Baker, PC understands that fact and effectively protects the interests of people during the dissolution of family-owned businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies, S-corporations, closely-held companies and other commercial.

For an honest, objective perspective on the business dissolution process and your specific situation, call or contact an attorney at our firm.

Business Dissolution Practice

Businesses may end for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the decision to dissolve a business entity is voluntary and mutual. In other situations, businesses may be forced into dissolution because of external factors beyond the control of the owners, partners or stakeholders involved. Whatever the case, it is important to recognize that you do have some control over how the business ends.

Our practice includes:

  • Contested business dissolutions: We routinely file and defend motions to compel the business dissolution in situations where partners or stakeholders cannot reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.
  • Minority shareholder oppression: We represent minority shareholders in disputes involving freeze outs, self-dealings, unfair compensation plans, and the abuse of minority shareholders.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: We pursue and defend claims against directors or officers alleging breaches of fiduciary duty and other forms of financial misconduct.
  • Usurpation of corporation: We represent shareholders and business partners in suits against officers who used the corporate entity for improper advantage.

Whatever the reason for the breakup, our lawyers can help you explore options and consider the ramifications of dissolving your business while protecting your interests inside and outside of the courtroom. They will work closely with you and collaboratively with each other to design strategies that will effectively shield you from the continuing liability associated with ongoing business activities and future disputes.


Contracts are at the heart of any business transaction and are vital to the success of your business. At the same time, no matter how carefully drafted your contracts are, the unfortunate reality is that contracts are also at the heart of most business litigation.

In disputes surrounding the validity, meaning, and enforceability of business contracts, trust the experienced legal team at Bouchard Baker, PC, to protect your interests.

Business Contract Disputes

We represent plaintiffs in business-related breach of contract claims seeking monetary damages, specific performance and other available remedies. We defend businesses, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and other commercial entities in business contract disputes as well. Previous cases have involved:

  • Service contracts
  • Contracts for the sale of goods
  • Distribution contracts
  • Real estate contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Intellectual property and licensing agreements

Our firm also provides sound legal counsel and effective representation for lenders and creditors seeking to protect their interests in bankruptcy-related proceedings.

Legal Solutions for Partnership Disputes

A relationship between business owners is very much like a marriage. And as in marriage, conflicts in the relationship often center on issues of trust, control and money. To carry this analogy one step further — most business owners who experience problems with a business partner are not interested in talking to a divorce lawyer at the first sign of trouble. They are interested in working out their problems.

At Bouchard Baker, PC, we understand the complex relationship dynamics involved in ownership conflicts within closely-held companies and business partnerships, and our attorneys have extensive experience in this area. In previous cases, our firm has helped owners of professional practices, small manufacturing companies, service companies, retail stores, family businesses and other enterprises resolve disputes both inside and outside of the courtroom.

To discuss your partnership or family business dispute with an experienced attorney, contact our office.

Resolving Conflicts While Preserving the Business

Many of the people who come to see us about a partnership or closely-held business dispute want to resolve those conflicts as amicably as possible and return to “business as usual.” At the same time, doubts about the integrity of a business partner’s actions, perceptions of unfairness and issues of control and decision-making power must be objectively evaluated and addressed before that can happen.

Our attorneys can help you evaluate the situation and all of the options you have to address it with an eye toward preserving what you have worked so hard to establish as a business owner. In many previous cases, we have been able to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions through negotiation or mediation.

Business Litigation

Acceptable out-of-court solutions cannot always be reached. In these cases, our clients have the confidence that comes with knowing their interests are being protected by a skilled and successful business litigation team.


Fraud occurs when one person or business uses deceit or trickery to obtain value or gain an unfair advantage over another.

At Bouchard Baker, PC, we serve our clients with integrity, commitment and fierce advocacy in matters of business, employment, and fraud litigation. Our legal team is comprised solely of experienced attorneys who are focused on protecting your interests. Our goal is to achieve the best possible results in each and every case. To discuss any type of fraud-related concern with an attorney from our firm.

Our practice includes claims alleging intentional or negligent misrepresentations of fact, omissions of fact and promissory fraud, including:

  • Real estate fraud
  • Business fraud
  • Self-dealing
  • Employment-related fraud or embezzlement
  • Internet and telecommunications billing fraud

Business Fraud

The daily interactions of businesses are littered with opportunities to engage in fraud. Our attorneys represent businesses in fraud litigation during the formation or sale of businesses, shareholder disputes, and actions involving the WARN Act and the winding down of businesses.

Employment Fraud

Employment fraud litigation may involve deceptive or false actions by an employee or employer. Our firm represents individual employees in fraud litigation related to false statements made by an employer about the length and type of employment. These cases arise when an employee accepts a job based on false representations made by an employer. We defend employers in these types of cases as well.

Business Transactions

We provide a wide variety of transactional services to our business clients, including:

  • Documenting and advising clients in real estate purchase/sale contracts, commercial leasing, zoning and municipal matters including subdivisions, variances, special permits, and related appeals
  • Documenting construction and construction management contracts for builders, owners, and sub-contractors
  • Buying and selling businesses and business interests, including stock and asset purchases and sales, management and leveraged buyouts, and mergers; management of due diligence investigations from buyer and seller perspectives
  • Documenting software development and license agreements; Internet Service Provider hosting and customer agreements; software and hardware distribution; hardware purchase and equipment lease agreements
  • Structuring and documenting clients’ choice of business entity: corporation, limited liability company, general or limited partnership, or joint venture
  • Developing alternative forms of ownership and management of the start-up entity, including: voting and non-voting common stock, convertible preferred stock, warrants and similar rights; and specialized LLC provisions
  • Drafting and reviewing employment, stock option, phantom stock, bonus and profit sharing agreements; employee nondisclosure, invention assignments, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing stockholder agreements, including cross-purchase, redemption, insurance-funded buyout, voting trusts
  • Drafting and reviewing license and royalty agreements (both patented and non-patented technologies); research and development agreements; employee confidentiality, invention and non-competition agreements; distribution, sales, manufacturing and joint venture agreements
  • Structuring and advising clients in businesses recapitalizations, redemptions, reorganizations, and business trust formation.
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